Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KFXM October 23, 1959

Halfway To Heaven/Danny Boy-Conway Twitty #1
New in the top ten
Say Man-Bo Diddley #3
One Way Ticket/Oh Carol-Neil Sedaka #8
Highest debut
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do-Jivin' Gene #30
Shotgun-The Playboys
Green Stamps-Jimmy Norman
Handy Man-Jimmy Jones


Anonymous said...

GOODBYE TO LOVE by The Chantels is
fine tune. Never did get too high.
Always liked it. Can't find it on the
internet. Lucky I have a copy
of this. END records.

BTW: Not the Carpenters version
as that one was written by
Richard Carpenter.
Same title, different song altogether.

Anonymous said...


you missed the '61 KFXM survey last week...just a friendly reminder. There are those of us who are strung out on these postings. Great job, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, man, we're strung out, hung out and totally without!