Friday, October 22, 2010


The best copy of the only KITO survey I've seen (October 1959). In 2 1/2 years will become K/MEN


Anonymous said...

This is great to see.
Thanks for posting it for all
to share.

I still have no recollection
of this station at all back
then. Nothing. They did not
publicize well at all.
Any airchecks around anyone??

Anonymous said...

I lived in Riverside from 1959-65 and fuzzily remember KITO mostly as a more "Middle of the Road" station that carried network news on the hour and LA Dodgers Baseball games, which my father religiously listened to. I believe KFXM carried the games in 1959, the first year I lived there. I also seem to remember a brief attempt by KITO into Country and Western. In early 1962, when K/MEN took over the 1290 spot, radio in the Inland Empire changed for many years! They really shook things up!

Tom in Lexington, KY

Anonymous said...

Doug, you really amaze me when you come up with goodies like this. It blew my mind to see a KITO survey, I didn't know any even existed.
Johnny Helm