Thursday, December 29, 2011

KFXM December 30, 1966 + Top 100 of 1966

End of the year issue, with the KFXM staff on the cover of the Tiger Mag.  Always liked this picture.
They did not print the weekly survey this week, but here it is based on next week's survey
I'm A Believer/Steppin' Stone-Monkees #1
New in the top ten
Coming Home Soldier-Bobby Vinton #8
Standing In The Shadows Of Love-Four Tops #10
Highest debut
Tell It Like It Is-Aaron Neville #25
also debuting
Pretty Ballerina-Left Banke #38
A poll done at North High in Riverside came up with the two following lists.
The number one records this year on KFXM's charts
The top 100 records on KFXM for 1966
by the way #74 is by Spencer Davis Group not The Yardbirds
Top Records of 1966
Daytripper/We Can Work It Out-Beatles #1
Bang Bang-Cher #2
I Got The Feelin'-Neil Diamond #99
Leaning On A Lampost-Herman's Hermits #100

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Stephen C said...

Man I was born in San Berdoo in 1960, and this post sure brings back tons of memories! Had older brothers and an older sister. I have listened to rock since I was about 5. KMEN and KFXM were sure something back then. AM radio was sure tops. But KOLA and KCAL took over. I remember when KOLA started and played new rock. Thanks for the memories.