Saturday, December 31, 2011

K/mentertainer December 31, 1966 + Top 129 of The Year

The last K/mentertainer of 1966.  At this point I have posted all the K/mentertainers/surveys I have.  I am missing some copies, so if I ever get them, they will be posted.  I will look for other K/men stuff to post, and may repost some of the more intereting K/men items.  
There are more KFXM surveys to post (1974) and on, which I will continue to do, but before 1974 KFXM surveys have all been posted (except for a few 1959 which I will post this coming year)
For all surveys posted, go to the Blog Archives on the right hand side of the page, and click on a year and a month and take a look at anything you missed.
Keith Relf of The Yardbirds
The British Scene-John Ravencroft with an article about The Misunderstood
I'm A Believer-Monkees #1
new in the top ten
Sugar Town-Nancy Sinatra #7
Smashed! Blocked!-John's Children #10
We aint Got Nothing Yet-Blues Magoos
I Take You To The Sun-The Misunderstood
My Best Friend-Jefferson Airplane
Also with
The Little Drummer Boy-Joan Baez
Christmas Is Love-Gabriel
If Everyday Was Like Christmas-Elvis Presley
The Hollies
Peter & Gordon
The Top 129 of 1966
Monday Monday-The Mamas & The Papas #1
These Boots Are Made For Walking-Nancy Sinatra #2
Shapes Of Things-Yardbirds #50
Talk Talk-Music Machine #100
Good Lovin'-Young Rascals #128
The Pied Piper-Crispian St. Peters #129


Johnny Helm said...

Just want to thank Doug for his hard work in continuing this blog, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Believe me Doug, we all appreciate it more than you'll ever know.
Also, I want to express, to you Doug, and all the readers of this blog, a VERY Happy New Year!!

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

AND MAY THE HELMSMAN keep on truckin' in 2012. (toot-toot!)

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

Thank you, Johnny! I'm just glad people enjoy this as much as I do, so I'm able to share this with all the KFXM K/MEN fans out there.
Happy New Year to all.

Johnny Helm said...

I feel like a detective that has found the clue! It's been a marvel trying to figure out who "Lord Darth" actually is. He is so knowledgeable of the inner workings of IE radio....he HAD to be a part of it!
I have to admit,I've said some things that I probably shouldn't have said. The reason is, I simply did not know how anyone could aquire such a vast wealth of information about two radio stations. I apologize sincerely to you sir.
Thank you for your insight and the memories.
I will NOT divulge your identity.
Happy New Year!

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

JOHNNY HELM, YOU ARE a Gentleman and a Scholar (as my late Father used to say)!! i have not had such an acclamation of my character publickly pronounced in many decades, so thank you very much, Sir.

and yes, this One WAS a part not only of the Inland Empire radio scene -- during the grand days of AM broadcasting, but also the political, historical and journalistic venues as well. of course, i'm not blowing my own horn just to scratch mein ego (that part of me Id bit the dust eons ago), it is simply a statement of who i WAS.

and my whole 'thing", if you will, was not just to be part of what was happening in those amazing days of yester-year. rather, however, it was to actually witness and document EVERYthing in my own way for future reference... Conversations, documents, memorandums and reports, recordings, news stories, first and second-hand accounts by various folks (from the bottom to the top) -- you-name-it -- i took note of as best i could back then.

as far as K.F.X.M. and the K/MEN go, i did make it my specific goal to reign in as much information as possible quantifying the operations and goings-on from both stations which i held imminently in the highest esteem.

and you were part that scene, oh Helmsman of the Evening and Night, and that is why i have been so honoured by your keen "defective" effort in discovering me humble identity, One who has lasting gratitude to the IE's legendary radio outlets that gave me so much joy... and a professional working career to boot.

so i hand it back to you, Johnny. as Groucho Marx once said, "Let's be magnanimous about this." therefore, as regards any mis-statements between us along the way, why yo-ho-ho: remember, i was YOUR fan first (and remain so). i mean it.

Let's begin a Berry Merry Newt Year with a S-A-L-U-T-E to all our brethren and colleagues we have known from the excitingly unparalleled days when Top 40 radio really rocked our audiences unto every DJ's own lasting personal fame, yes?