Saturday, December 03, 2011

K/MEN December 2, 1966

Mellow Yellow-Donovan #1
Who Killed The Ice Cream Man?-The Bush #2
New in the top ten
Georgy Girl-Seekers #7
Mame-Tijuana Brass #8
That's Life-Frank Sinatra #9
Silent Night/7:00 News-Simon & Garfunkel
(I'm Not Your) Steppin'/I'm AQ Believer-Monkees
Knock On Wood-Eddie Floyd

Next week the NEW K/mentertainer!


Anonymous said...

per the Dougmaster: "Next week the NEW K/mentertainer!"

sure can't wait to see the thing posted here, yeah.

Anonymous said...

You're implying it's a big print.
I think you're right.

Get your magnifiers out.