Saturday, December 10, 2011

K/MEN December 10, 1966 New K/mentertainer

Just a note before the New K/mentertainer.
There seems to be someone that cannot find this weeks posting of the 1962 KFXM survey.
I just double checked and this week's 1962 posting is still  there. Posted on this Monday Dec 5th between the 1966 K/MEN and the 1973 KFXM posting. Dated Dec 1-7, 1962. Big survey picture, blue background, green printing, Lyles Record City stamp on it! #1 song by Dick Dale.

This week in 1966 K/MEN went back to the newspaper format.  Vol 2 No 1 issue.  Here is the complete issue for your reading enjoyment.
The cover has an article by the editor John Ravencroft
Nancy Sinatra now touring Europe
K/mentertainer of the Week Jeff Beck
Article about The Bush by John Ravencroftcontinued on the last page.
Articles about The Supremes, The Monkees, Burt Ward and Herb Alpert
The British Scene by John Ravencroft with the British Top Ten
Below The KMENdous TEN surevey, and below that the complete two pages with all the ads.

Who Killed The Ice Cream Man-The Bush #1
New in the top ten
Pushing Too Hard-Seeds #5
Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron-Royal Guardsmen #6
Now they have a Top Thirty with Honorable Mentions
With Gillette's Records Ad
I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night-Electric  Prunes
Ballad Of Water Wart-Thorndike Pickledish Choir
The Wassail Song-Otto's Organization
Nashville Cats/Full Measure-Lovin' Spoonful
I'm A Boy-The Who
Beatles News

Music History
Sounds Of The '60s Around The world
Lyle's Record City ad on the back page


Anonymous said...

That person who can't find the KFXM survey you already posted must need a new pair of glasses!

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

According to Ravencroft's article on the front page, the K/mentertainer is supposed to be a "16 page newspaper". However, I can count only FIFTEEN actual page images -- not including the two enlargements of the center-survey page!

So did a page of this first issue get missed being scanned and posted here, Doug? Or was the 16th page left blank???

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

The pages with the survey are the center of the issue pages 8 and 9. 7 pages before and 7 pages after.

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

THANKS, DOUG. the paging makes sense now!

Anonymous said...

Can't find my glasses.
Headed to KMART
Signed, Mr. Magoo