Saturday, January 21, 2012

KFXM January 21, 1977

Santana and Flo & Eddie in concert, but where?
Car Wash-Rose Royce #1
New in the top ten
Blinded By The Light-Manfred Mann's Earth Band #8
Fly Like An Eagle-Steve Miller Band #10
Highest debut
Lost Without Your Love-Bread #22


Anonymous said...

Weird advertisement on the back page of this week's KF survey!
It did not mention WHERE and the TIME the concert was to be held or any further headliner info (other than just Santana?), ticket prices, etc. The ad sounds like "Hey man, there's a concert going on soon..." and that's it.
And wasn't Flo and Eddie the original founders of the old sixties rock group called the Turtles?

Anonymous said...

Maybe our only option would have been to listen to KFXM to find out?