Monday, January 30, 2012

K/MEN Concerts 1967/1968

A few of the concerts sponsored by K/MEN in 1967 and 1968
Eric Burdon & The Animals


Anonymous said...

I was at the December 1967 Doors Concert at the Swing but I just can't find myself in that crowd photo.

John from Fontana (back then)

Anonymous said...

Too stoned to remember THAT concert very clearly. But Morrison was a farout standout that night.

Anonymous said...

Phil Otis and Russ O'Hara look like they're dressed right out of "Ozzie and Harriet". The KMEN djs caught up with the music of the 60's but they still dressed like their parents, or maybe it was just "expected" to dress that way if you're an MC at the Swing.