Sunday, January 01, 2012

KFXM Top Hits of 1962

New Year!

So let me share this old year!

In 1962 KFXM did not publish their Top 100 for the year (as far as I know). So from calculations I did about ten years ago, (based on the weekly surveys) here is my version of KFXM's Top Hits of 1962.  Including Peak Position, Total Points (Don't ask I don't remember exactly how they were calculated) and Date Peaked.
The Top 193, each had at least 90 Points in order to make the list. Almost all of these songs made the top 20.  Only three peaked lower than that, but did stick enough weeks to make the survey.
#1 was Peppermint Man/Surf Beat-Dick Dale
#100 Lovers Who Wander-Dion
The highest position record that made it to #2 is The Wanderer/The Majestic-Dion #14 Closely followed by Surfin' Safari/409-Beach Boys #15
The lowest position record that made it to #1 song was Patches-Dickey Lee #58
A national #1 in 1962 was The Twist-Chubby Checker, but for some reason, did not return to the KFXM charts in 1962, after being a #1 song in 1960.  So it isn't on this list.
Here are some other big hits that didn't quite make the top 100.
Johnny Get Angry-Joanie Sommers #107
Dream Baby-Roy Orbison #120
Two Lovers-Mary Wells #140
Lonely Bull-Tijuana Brass #141
Crying In The Rain-Everly Brothers #152
Telstar-Tornadoes #155
Up On The Roof-Drifters #172
Good Luck Charm/Anything That's Part Of You-Elvis Presley #185

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Lord Darth Rageous! said...

A MOST UNIQUE LISTING of the Top Hits as charted by pre-Tiger Radio KFXM, to say the least!

btw, from a cursory analysis of your chart's statistics, i wonder if you used the olde Billboard magazine standard of computing your chart rankings via inverse-ranked points for each weekly position a 45 RPM record single charted???

anyway, the listings you produced appear quite accurate, reflecting overall the gist of which songs were actually popular thoughout 1962.

Good show, Dougmaster, and thank you for providing this supplementary information to your blog fanfare!