Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KFXM June 19, 1959

This 1959 survey will be the next to the last 1959 I put up for a while.  Next week is the last.  I don't have the next three weeks (June 27-July 17) If anyone out there has them, make me copies and I will be glad to post them!!! The other ones after that have all been posted on this blog in 2010.   For the other 1959 copies go to the archive on the right hand side and click on the individual months July-December for the rest of the 1959 copies. 

I want to thank Ray Keith again for the a lot of these 1959 surveys I was missing.  He made it possible for these to be shared. 

   There are some 1959 surveys that I posted in black and white in 2010, that thanks to Ray Keith I now have the color copies.  I will then post the Ray Keith versions when it come to those dates.

Personality-Lloyd Price #1
New in the top ten
Lonely Boy-Paul Anka #8
Sweeter Than You/A Little Too Much-Ricky Nelson

Wax To Watch
The Wonder Of You-Ray Peterson
What Is Love/I Am-Playmates
Only Sixteen-Sam Cooke
Chaos-Part 1 & 2-Arbogast & Ross
Back In The USA-Chuck Berry
Baby Talk-Jan & Dean


Megablogger said...

Only local station that played (or at least listed) Chaos, which savaged Top 40 radio. It was a big flop because no Top 40 radio station would play a record that made fun of that station...except for KFXM.

Anonymous said...

dittos for me to Ray for expanding the surveys available for '59.

Anonymous said...

Yea big thanks to Ray and Doug
for sharing. Very clear images.
I saved em all.

This survey starts the summer of
59, one I remember fondly and
all these tunes take me back
exactly 53 years. Too much.
I remember listening to KFXM that
whole summer. Funny, I do not
remember the jocks but the tunes
are for ever as if today.