Wednesday, June 06, 2012

KFXM June 5, 1959

The Battle Of New Orleans-Johnny Horton #1
New in the top ten
So Fine-The Fiestas #10
Twixt Twelve And Twenty-Pat Boone
Wax To Watch
Midgie/The Way I Walk-Jack Scott
Only Sixteen/Let's Go Steady Again-Sam Cooke
On the wax to watch the first 8 songs, have both sides on the record listed.  Plus an additional three.

A new face at KFXM.  Roger Christian becomes one of The Swinging Seven DJs


Anonymous said...

So this is WHEN the great Roger Christian began broadcasting in San Bernardino. How interesting!

Anonymous said...

This was before my time but what was intended with "The Lodger" reference to Roger Christian?