Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KFXM Top 200 June 1977

Before I post this weks 1977 survey, here is a Top 200 KFXM put out in June 1977
Stairway To Heaven-Led Zeppelin #1
Highest Stevie Wonder-I Wish #4
Highest charting song from the sixties Nights In White Satin-Moody Blues #22,which charted on KFXM in 1968.  But it didn't chart nationally until 1972.
Couldn't Get It Right-Climax Blues Band #59
Highest Beatles Song Hey Jude #65

Highest Rolling Stones-Brown Sugar #95
Close To You-Carpenters #100
All Right Now-Free #129
Biggest surprise on the survey to me, Sunshine Of Your Love-Cream #144
Earliest charting songs on the survey, Ruby Tuesday-Rolling Stones #185 from January 1967, but there is also The Beatles Penny Lane #124 and Strawberry Fields Forever #139 from February 1967. These are the earliest, unless I missed a song that charted earlier.
Highest Bob Dylan-Lay Lady Lay #195
Outaspace-Billy Preston #200

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Anonymous said...

Hell of a "Top 200" survey!
Seems the Fifties and Sixties were swept away from popular memory by KFXM. And that's just too bad for a station which built its legendary reputation for playing such a diversity of pop music from earlier eras of Rock 'N' Roll.