Wednesday, February 13, 2013

35 Years Ago

35 years ago Stayinn' Alive-Bee Gees was #1 on KFXM, but there were no K/MEN surveys.  None since 1973.   But below I have the KOLA survey with the same #1 song.  But besides that, the songs are quite different from one survey to the other.

The flip side of both surveys had the same ad. 


Anonymous said...

It's time to get my leisure suit out of the closet, fire up my disco lights, and put my Saturday Night Fever album on the turntable. Those were great times. Looking back the 70's were much like the Roaring 20's, what goes around come around. Let's get our groove on.

Anonymous said...

Disco Stu sez, "Right on the dime, baby, let's get waxing on that great old dance floor and boogie the night away, yowsah, yowsah, yowsah!!!"