Saturday, February 23, 2013

K/men and KFXM This Week In 1964

Notice the Kmentertainer lists K/MEN BEATLE EXCLUSIVES

The K/men as The Beatles?!?

On KFXM there's a mention of a new DJ Paul Anthony (he replaced Jack Fleming).  This is the first week he is listed on the survey, and in four weeks, he's replaced by Rhett Walker.


Anonymous said...


about KFXM survey:

There were lots of firings going on during this period, a real house-cleaning led by the new El Bosso Al Anthony.

about KMEN survey:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was ALL about their HAIR back then when the adult establishment was looking for ways to knock or at least make fun of the Four Lads from Liverpool. So did they do this for a joke or were they really embracing the new changes brought on by The Fab 4????????????????

Anonymous said...

Beatles were too big to fail.
KMEN had to embrace the new
hoopala in music. The Bs won.

I distinctly remember that survey
this day in 1964. The British
invasion had just begun, and woke
up the American soundtrack.

Almondo was on the move to make
KFXM come alive after being dormant
and irrelevent in the KMEN explosion
just 2 years earlier. It was time
to catch up. He did a great job
in his quest. Made it fun....FUN RADIO 59. Fun fun fun? Ala Beach boys. On and on....

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that beetle/bug graphic in the middle of the Kmen survey page? Someone was clever, but subtle.

Anonymous said...

"Did anyone notice that beetle/bug graphic in the middle of the Kmen survey page?"

Like, DUH, I thought it was a cockroach come crawling across the page, so I squished it immediately
into bug splat!!! (LOL)