Tuesday, February 19, 2013

KFXM and K/men This Date in 1971 (and close to it)


There was no February 19th for K/men, so here's 2/26/71



Anonymous said...

Dave Sebastian was a really cool guy to listen to over the radio. His personality was one of a happy-go-lucky type: full of cheer, vitality, upbeat and a natural at being funny. I sure would like to know if he is stil alive, if so what he has been doing over the years since his show at K-men.

Anonymous said...

In this K/men survey four of the six djs pictured have mustaches! Is that a record? Did it ever get as high at KFXM?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the entry at LARADIO.COM refers to the same Dave Sebastian. It doesn't include KMEN but a lot of activity afterwards:

Sebastian, Dave: KEZY, 1971-74; KHJ, 1974-77; KFI, 1978; KTNQ, 1978-79; KIIS, 1980; KBRT, 1981-82; KIIS, 1983; KHJ, 1985; KRTH, 1994-96. Dave has an active voiceover career and owns Dave & Dave in Studio City.

Web Guy

Anonymous said...

Well thank you Mr. Webguy for the update on what happened to Dave Sebastian. Looks like he did quite well following his K-men days, I'm so glad knowing he was successful and is still with us.