Thursday, February 28, 2013

KFXM Studios 1970's

I had a request from Don McCoy and Danny Dare to see these pictures.  I posted them before, but I think people would like to see them again.  And thanks again to Vic Moreno, who originally sent these to me.


Lord Darth Rageous said...

"Yeah, kinda makes ya homesick, doesn't it, old buddy?!!"

(script quote from Kelly's Heroes)

Lord Darth Rageous said...

And with that Tiger Tune Sheet stuck so prominently to the plate glass window in front of the Gates console of the Control Room pic, it oughta be easy for someone to date that image to within a week or so......................

Anonymous said...

1972 !

Lord Darth Rageous said...
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Lord Darth Rageous said...

Actually, my dear Tiger Alumni, those studio images had to have been photographed during the PRECEEDING week of 26 November 1971 A.D.
The reason I know this fact is because that particular tune sheet is my handy work! i recognized the typeset, layout, title script, etc., from this issue which was published by the Valley Typesetting Company (where I was also employed at that time). Since I had brought in the account from KFXM, the responsibility for getting the Tiger Tune Sheet composed and printed weekly was given to Yours Truly. It was a fun experience!

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

And the date on the survey in the second picture is December 29, 1971

Lord Darth Rageous said...

Didn't quite see that OTHER tune sheet being different from the one posted next to it in the second photo of the Newsroom since I was so focused on the memorably grand Control Room scene.
Terrible thing when one's mind and eyes aren't what they used to be, especially for someone who was always keen on details.
Mucho frioles to whoever pointed out this omission, right on Tiger!

Anonymous said...

Picture was taken:
Sunday morning during "religious"
segment, which ran from 4 to 9AM.
--The Green LP is a religious pgm.
--The Middle TT is a setup for pic.
--My Clevite headphones.
--I would do the hits 9-Noon. Bruce came in at Noon.

Lord Darth Rageous said...

Ah, so it was a Vic Moreno weekender production, how cool!!!
You have my highest commendation
for preserving a vital piece of
radio broadcasting history with
these fotos you snapped, fer sure.
Three cheers, Sir, for having the
foresight in the first place!

p.s. any chance you saved a copy of the old engineering log with all the transmitter loggings that used to be taken every hour or so (before the FCC log changes in 1978)??? That would be interesting to see again.

Anonymous said...

No, sorry, didn't copy any of
the Xmtr logs. Office with copy
machine was locked. Otherwise, I would have done that.
Those Sunday 4-9am hours were
torture, very boring. I looked for
diversions. Found tapes of vintage jingles and did keep those.

I remember going to the Xmtr site
and finding boxes of old paperwork.
I regret not "borrowing" that.

Lord Darth Rageous said...

Boy, did you ever bring up some old memories! Yeah, this One can recall exactly the same experiences babysitting the Sunday morgans at your crosstown rival with their religious and publick affairs programming what had to be broadcast weekly -- except our copier wasn't locked, yo!
Did manage, however, to save one KF rate card that Bill the Bellman gave me during one of his classic talks about the golden years of broadcasting with yours truly. (Miss that wonderful guy I do)
Oh heck, if only you could of saved some (if not all) of those old files you found in that venerable transmitter building out there on the golf course... What history you could be sharing with posterity right now.
But, think about it: the new owner(s)*** down the line more than likely THREW OUT EVERYTHING connected with the old KFXM history -- especially if it was 'some old files' stored in a soon-to-be demolished historic building (as a location where a mega automall now exists).

***I was involved in at least two separate radio station ownership changes where the new management came right in and indeed discarded everything about the preceding era.
It blew my mind how casually new suits would dispose of really valuable awards, commendations, pictures, surveys, programming logs, records, airchecks, publick affairs records, traffic logs, promotional materials, stationary, etc., as if they wanted no prior reference to the older station incarnation they had taken over.
Such was the small-mindedness of some radio peoples which I observed back then!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

I love your blog. I check in from time to time. Grew up and lived in Inland Empire for my entire life. Born in the Fifties.

Just wondering, do you have any early shots of K/Men's exterior or the cow pasture? I could have sworn I've seen a pix here before but am having trouble finding it.

Can you provide some direction?

Vickie Rock

Bobby said...

Ahhh. Memories, memories.