Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Jonny Bruce who was a dj at both KFXM and K/men, has been working at KDES in Palm Springs for the last 20 years...until recently.  He left a message for me that his services were no longer needed at KDES.  But he states that he " the PD gig at KZPO...", so he's doing okay. 
On another note.  Probably about fifteen years ago, I called KDES and requested Rave On by Buddy Holly from Jonny, and he played it in about ten minutes.
This picture is from 1968, from the KFXM Tiger Mag.


Anonymous said...

I liked listening to Jonny Bruce on KDES here locally. He always sounded like the seasoned professional that he is. Yet this is one DJ who never his ego take over because he has been the most personable, easy going radio announcer on all the shows I heard. I wish him well wherever KZPO is though I wish KDES would hire him back!

Anonymous said...

Jonny Bruce was at KMEN,
when was that?
Don't recall him ever working there!

Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia, KZPO, Jonny Bruce's new radio home:

KZPO (103.3 FM) is a radio station broadcasting classics from the 1950s, 1960s, and sometimes 1970s. It is self-identified as the nostalgia station. Licensed to Lindsay, California, USA, it serves the Visalia-Tulare area.

Web Guy

Anonymous said...

I think JB dropped out of the
IE by end of 1969. KMEN? Don't
think so.

Think he was one of the returnees
to KFXM after the Jones Boys era.
Union strike of 68/69.

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

I believe Jonny was at KMEN around 1974 or 1975. I think I remember hearing him on weekends, and I'm not sure how long he stayed. Also, but I think I might even have a short KMEN aircheck with him on it. I'll have to look for it. Anyone else out there remember him on KMEN?

Anonymous said...

The earlier posted message about J.B. returning to the Famous 59 AFTER the JonesBoys era is correct, circa 1970-71.

Anonymous said...

The KFXM Strike went from October 1968 to about May 1969.
It was a washout for the guys
on the picket line, including
JB. A few were allowed back
into KFXM but the reunion
didn't last but for months.

One who made a good comeback
was Don McCoy. Wound up on KFXM
drivetime by Fall 69.
He, however, had refused to
walk the picket line entirely.

I was there on the lines and
thereafter inside.

Anonymous said...

What, Don McCoy did NOT walk a picket line for that AFTRA strike against KF? How can that be when he was one of the point men pushing for their wages & conditions demands
so forcefully! I do, however, recall Don handing out those goldenrod flyers explaining why they were on strike.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense, McCoy was luke warm about the entire strike! He only gloried in himself the loss of his air time exposure. Probably why he reinvented himself later on as "Dirty Don" or whatever to clean up his fallen image. The real heroes were the rest of the AFTRA members who stood their watch on the picket lines!!

Don Mc said...

I have always considered hiding behind "Anonymous" to be cowardly. With that said, please allow me to set the record straight.
I never supported joining a union, never. If you will recall there was only one "no" vote cast and that vote was mine. I have never and will never support unions. Plaintiff lawyers and unions have helped to destroy America.
The "Dirty Don" concept was a fluke. One day I was upset with my girlfriend, broke the format and started raving about creating a woman hating club. I almost got fired until the letters started pouring in wanting to join the club. Who Knew?? I guess "You gotta have a Gimmick". The Arb numbers jumped from about 11 to the mid to high 20's.
Since those wonderful days I have owned 51 radio stations and radio remains my number 1 passion.......but I'd still turn the clock back to the KFXM days in a heartbeat.
Don McCoy
Magic Broadcasting

Lord Darth Rageous said...
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Lord Darth Rageous said...

it's been awhile since i felt it necessary to post any significant commentary

about a subject of significance that i felt necessary to share.
with all the malarkey that's been posted about one particular gentleman of my prior acquaintance, it's time to make a strong statement on his behalf:

Donald George McCoy is one of the greater, if not greatest, success stories to come out of Inland Empire radio circles for the past half century or so!
the man is a well-educated, degree holding connoisseur of the broadcasting arts, and business world. he has been well adapted himself to changing times
and fortunes of the industry upon which he built not only a career upon but, modestly speaking, a legacy as well.

yes, major decisons at critical junctures of one's life can often make or break a promising work career. in Don's case, he chose to take a stand (abiding in his personal ideals) and make his
mark despite the adversities he found himself embroiled in at KFXM through no real fault of his own. more so, he did what he could when facing sudden unemployment during the AFTRA DJ's strike, standing his ground in the face of
uncertains odds for a favourable outcome. yet, he retained an amenable stance which allowed him to return without malice to his former gig and later on, to
capitalize on an inventive schtick which helped propel him back to success.

additionally, behind the scenes, Don utilized his business acumen by going the extra mile into sales advertising which gained him the contacts and professional credibility which later set the stage for the most important facet
of his career: the purchasing of his first radio station. and the rest, as they say, is history, as Don gradually made good on his initial investment to grow a
business empire of his own.

Don McCoy did all this by hard work, a variety of inordinate talent, of staying the course throughout the ups-and-downs of disk jockey employment, having keen foresight and making shrewd business decisions, and maybe even luck. and in doing so, he kept his personal honour intact.

that is his story, at least from what i have known about the "Magical Mystery" man since our first meeting in the 1960's. it's all there in black and white,
for i am not stating anything less than the facts about a fellow radio
colleague who has made good in his lifetime endevours.

therefore, all the previously ANONYMOUS remarks, about Don McCoy to the contrary, are purely unadulterated B.S. and were likely posted by individuals too
cowardly to own up to their insupportable accusations by identifying themselves
in some fashion on this blogsite. so to them, i find you un-named posters to be reprehensible Net trolls!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. MCCoy put down those not-so-named critics of his. Reminds me of that Jeanie Riley country song about the Harper Valley PTA. You really socked it to them all right!

Anonymous said...

Jonny Bruce here.....Yes, i was at kmen in 74 and 75, weekends and vacation relief for the morning drive shift. I have moved on from kzpo to bob fm 103.9 in the antelope valley. forgot my password so I had to post this way.

Anonymous said...

as i mentioned elsewhere, so pleased our famed Tiger 'Good Guy', Jonny Bruce, has finally resurfaced -- and in Antelope Valley PTA no less. if i ever can make a side trip down your way, i will sure try to look you up at the ole corral.
meantime, best regards on your new radio gig.................................