Saturday, July 20, 2013


By request, another KVCR survey.  I only have three, so here is the second one, from sometime in 1973.


Anonymous said...

Best guess on the chart date for this KVCR survey is likely during
the final two weeks of May 1973.

(The edited record single peaked on Billboard's Hot 100 at #9 on June 2nd, given that BB's charts always lagged several weeks behind the actual local radio market statistics!)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to include the name of the Top 40 hit referenced for tracking in my previous post was "Hocus Pocus" by Focus. Sorry about that.

Kenneth Goodwin said...

I was at KVCR-FM at that time. Will have to see what I can dig up in my files.

Kenneth Goodwin said...

The chart shown here is from the week of May 14-18, 1973. The charts are based on the dates from Monday to Friday.
I'm digging through a file of a few barely readable charts from 1973 now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the previous poster for providing a definitive date on that errant KVCR survey.
And maybe Mr. Goodwin has more of these old Valley College surveys he can share here at the Dougmaster's blog site!

Kenneth Goodwin said...

There's one from '71, two from '72, seven from '73, three from '74 and one from 5/9/81.
I'm figuring out what to do with them now. Some are not in very good condition, stained, marked, light, etc...

But they exist.

I'm also working on contacting our Music Director in '73 to see if he has anything. It's been 40 years but who knows?

Lord Darth Rageous said...

Hailing Buddy Central:

if you like, email me copies of your originals and i will be glad to photoshop them to see if they can be improved for readability, if not for their overall appearance.
will then remit the finished copywork back to you for your approval.

(offer good between now and sundown!)