Friday, July 12, 2013

KFXM K/men This Week in 1966

This is about the time I started to listen to the radio on a regular basis, and really liking the music.  Anything older than June 1966 was an oldie to me because it was not being played on a regular basis, and not being heard everyday.   Maybe I think most of these are great songs because of that, but maybe they are great songs.
I remember being over at my cousins house in Rialto listening to Chuck Christensen attempting, and succeeding, to stay awake and break the world's record and doing so.


Anonymous said...

is such a great rocker.
This was never to be a hit.
Never made Billboard Top 100.
Amazing how this by the Turtles
never even made a dent. They
already had hits previously.

Check it out here:

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, I wish I'd kept one of those KFXM stuffed tigers I won long ago instead of giving it away (to a kiddie type no less)!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What did it take to become a KFXM Tigress back in those days? How many of there were there at a time?

Lonely Guy

Anonymous said...

to Lonely Guy:

There was a great Tigress gal by the name of Birdie Bush who did a fabulous job in that role for the station. She could have been a beauty queen back then!

Anonymous said...

The Birdie is still fabulous.
Does real estate in the valley
here in LA.

At one time, she was married
to Don Elliot (with one T, mind you).

Anonymous said...

So who's idea was the KMEN goat thing? Maybe my experience is limitedbut I can't imagine much about goats would hold audience interest.

Ken Garrett said...

John Ravenscroft who was to depart for Radio London on a pirate ship 3 miles off the English coastline and morph into the legendary John Peel. RIP John.