Sunday, July 21, 2013


The last KVCR survey I have from 1977.  It is now being printed.  I probably picked this up at a record store.  Anyone else out there have any KVCR surveys that they would like to share?


Anonymous said...

Interesting how much more polished and professional looking this latter-1970's decade KVCR-FM survey looks.
It seems the boys at V.C. were ready to challenge the big boys at KFXM/Kmen for top 40 radio supremacy!

Anonymous said...

By the way, are there any Valley College broadcasting alumni who know about whatever became of a KVCR dee jay known as Virgin (aka Virgil) Snake?

Anonymous said...

I answered this one on another thread, but it's worth answering again. Virgil Snake was the incredibly creative Doug DeRoo. He's the only guy in the history of radio who went from a gig in Los Angeles to a gig in San Bernardino to a gig in Bakersfield by choice. The guy just loved Bakersfield and sacrificed what could have been a big radio career to work in a town he loved.