Monday, July 16, 2007

30 Years Ago Today KFXM (again) & KOLA

Once again let us go back 30 years. The KFXM survey once again, and since there was no KMEN survey, take a look at the KOLA survey.
Don't forget to click on them so they can be enlarged. 4 contests an hour, What were they giving away?
What a difference in the song listings! Both July 16, 1977 #1 on KFXM Looks Like We Made It-Barry Manilow, while on KOLA it fell to #29
#1 on KOLA How Much Love-Leo Sayer the second week on the survey. not yet on the survey, it won't even show up until Aug 8th.

KOLA has Elvis at #21 with Way Down, it won't even chart on KFXM.
It appears KOLA had a larger playlist. But can someone tell me Why the big difference in rankings? Were the listeners and requests that much differeent?
The #1 nationally 7/16 was Da Doo Run Run-David Cassidy, followed by Looks Like We Made It-Barry Mainlow 7/23
Robert W. Morgan has the syndicated Record Report on KOLA


Anonymous said...

That KOLA survey sure looked
rank. Looks like the
secretary typed it on
an old Olympia typewriter.
At this time, KOLA had already
made headway in overtaking
KFXM--never mind KMEN.
10 years later, KFXM would fold.

CouncilmanMark said...

Two years ago I purchased a home north of Techachapi in Bear Valley Springs. My wife had been injured in an auto accident and was there while I commuted back and forth. While driving from Los Angeles, and about Acton on the 14 through Willow Springs Blvd toward the 58, I discovered the most amazing radio station, KFXM. I tried to get it on the internet for months and was referred to Live 365 which I joined and paid for, but couldn't get KFXM.Recently, they came on the internet. I grew up in LA listening to KRLA, KHJ, even before F.M. I went to the teenage fairs at the Palladium. I have burned out on K-Earth for a long time. There was once a weak station I fell in love with called KOLA who broadcast from the Mission Inn. I could sometimes get it from the eastern part of the Los Angeles. Before I saw this website, (by total coincidence), I told my wife yesterday I have never heard anything as great as KFXM except for KOLA. KFXM claims to be the "keeper of your memories". That's in facts a very strong claim but it's totally true. The music they play has brought back memories of my childhood that I was shocked to uncover when reincarnated by hearing certain songs never played on KRTH or others like it. KFXM is the best there is in 2007 and since probably 1995. They are the "Lost Gold Mine" of the hits. Now that they are on the internet, I can listen at home as well as at work. Sometimes I lose them and I don't think it's the Media Windows Player. I lose it at work and when I get home 10 minutes later I can't get it back until usually the next day. The down side of listening to KFXM is that I really didn't realize my age until I listened to some of those buried songs from so long ago. I feel 19 and the music keeps me feeling 19. I fly airplanes, ride my Harley, drive my 60's Muscle Cars and love life. I had no idea of the connection between KOLA and KFXM. I was at that time a kid with kids of my own working and going to night school. It's important that KFXM expands and remains alive. They need a wider listening area and a better continuous internet connection. They go down from time to time and are impossible to listen to for a day at a time. Emperor Hudson, Humble Harve, Don Steele, and all the DJ's from my childhood are gone. The new guys play the same list over and over and over ad nauseum. I just love KFXM. Their ridiculous claim of "keepers of your memories" turned out to be true in my case. It is the lost goldmine of the desert. I am looking for a way to support them.

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

Thanks for stopping by. I've listened to KFXM on the internet, and it's great. They play things that haven't been played on the radio for years. Carrying on the tradition of the original KFXM and other top 40 stations of the 60s and 70s. Thanks again, Doug