Saturday, July 21, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag July 21, 1967

Article about the Tiger Mag being a completely local publication.
#1 Mr.Soul/Bluebird-Buffalo Springfield. How could this song be so huge in California, and not even hit the top 40 nationally? I know it was a big hit it L.A.
Picks for me tghis week Heroes and Villians-Beach Boys and Fakin' It-Simon & Garfunkel


Anonymous said...

Chart songs 35 and 36 are kind of
odd. One is BY the Merry Go Round
the other is CALLED Merry Go Round.
One of those strange coincidences
that happened on the same chart,
same week.

This chart puts us in the middle
of Summer 1967. Such a great
Summer for POP music.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe KOLA isn't playing Mr Soul & Bluebird....they were HUGE in the Inland Empire!

Anonymous said...

The MR SOUL mystery seems to
be evolving at this point.
Sounds like there was a good
connection between ATCO Promo
and KFXM. They complemented
each other interms of
"quid pro quo"....

Doesn't matter, it made for
great music in the Summer of
Amor. I loved both sides of
that 45.

Anonymous said...

Recently I saw a DVD of musical performances from The Hollywood Palace, where The Buffalo Springfield did Mr. Soul. I'm pretty sure both sides were also played in LA. I know I heard Bluebird on KHJ. What do the KRLA and KHJ charts show?