Sunday, July 08, 2007

XERB Wolfman Jack

While looking through a box of CDs that I haven't played foir awhile, I ran into this Wolfman Jack CD with a compilation of actual airchecks from XERB from 1968-1970.
Quality is very good. The producer (Steve Hoffman) did a good job. You would think it was a continuous show. Not the way it was actually originally heard, but enjoyable.
By the time this is posted, I'll have finished listened to this again. I remember listening to XERB some evenings, probably about 1967-68. Never taped any shows off the air. Worthwhile disc.
Also actually picked up XERB surveys that year at Harris' on E Street.

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Anonymous said...

I have this CD and still enjoy listening to it today!

I first listened to Wolfman Jack in the early 1960's from a Mexican station (XERF 1570 AM) which was located across from Del Rio, Texas. That station operated with 250,000 watts!! (or more) of power and was easily heard in the Inland Empire at night.

There is a very interesting book which covers many of high powered Mexican stations (including XERB) which were aimed at U.S.A. markets years ago. Any radio geek, like me, will enjoy reading it. It was forwarded by Wolfman Jack himself. The title of the book is:

by Gene Fowler and Bill Crawford
(forward by Wolfman Jack).
It was first published in 1987 and reprinted in 1990 by Limelight Editions, New York.

The book covers the history and "goings on" at many "border stations" complete with all the quack medicines and other bizarre stuff they promoted that was not allowed to be advertised in the United States. Lots of history, personalities, jokes, and great reading for those of you who can find the book.

By the way, I really enjoy this website. I lived in Riverside from 1959-1965, attending Notre Dame High School, and was a regular K/MEN listener. I remember well when K/MEN first came on the air in 1962. Still have an old album of K/MEN Rebound Sounds I bought in 1963 or so...

Lexington, KY