Saturday, July 07, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag July 7, 1967

Picture of the Grass Roots promoting their concert, along with three local groups, The Torquays, The Good Feelins, Blues In A Bottle and The Smoke. That would have been the local concert to see.
Article about the date with Davy Jones.
Monkees are still alive and well. Article starts out with Bits & pieces about the group.
There is a mention about The Kinks Ray Davies solo album, in which he does a satire of the Beatles Day In The Life. I've never heard it (The Ray Daviess satire, that is). Can ayone tell me about it?
James Brown coming to the Sing Auditorium!

#1 Can't Take My Eyes Off You-Frankie Valli
Highest Debut #18 Mr. Soul-Buffalo Springfield
My pick of the week Merry-Go-Round with the single You're A Very Lovely Woman also interesting is that the pick below it is a song called Merry-Go Round by The Count Five
Lou Rawls has a new single Show Business. I don't remember that one.
Down On Me by Big Brother & The Holding Company with Janis Joplin is also a personal pick of Dick Lyons this week'

Yellow Balloon has a spotlight album. The single Yellow Balloon charted on K/MEN but never charted on KFXM. Anyone remember if KFXM ever played the song?


Johnny Helm said...

Yes, we played "Yellow Balloon"...what a great song!! It was another album cut feature. I don't have any idea why it didn't chart with us. It went to #25 nationally??? You tell me??

Anonymous said...

Interesting that DAY FOR DECISION
lyrics wound up on the front page.
I remember KFXM playing it and
really loved the "song". Hit home
and touched me. Al Anthony must
have thought highly of this and
figured we needed to hear it.
I applaud that decision.
Interstingly, 40 years later,
just change a few words and
it applies to today--it's
eternal. I play it once in
a great while and it still hits
me like it did 40 years ago.

Did DFD ever make it big nationally? Did KMEN ever
play it? It's a real gem.

Anonymous said...

Another note on DAY FOR DECISION.
It's on the front cover for July/67.
However it was played on KFXM
in the Summer of 1966. That's when
it charted there.

I guess they put it on the front
cover for the July 4th 1967 holiday.