Thursday, July 26, 2007

K/mentertainer July 22, 1967

#1 again this week White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane, with the Jefferson Airplane appearing at the Swing Auditorium.
Brown Eyed Girl-Van Morrison and I Was Made To Love Her-Stevie Wonder and C'Mon Marianne-Four Seasons jumping into the top ten. Yes, Blades of Grass with Happy still listed, Sunshine Company coming soon!

DJs pictures are back, but missing is Johnnie Darin.

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Bill Earl said...

"The Darin'Johnnie Darin" is missing because he just quit KMEN to join 136/KGB in San Diego in the 9-Noon shift. Darin's Noon-3pm KMEN shift would be filled by Russ O' Hara, I recall, the following week.

BiLL Earl
(When RADIO Was Boss)