Thursday, February 12, 2009

KFXM February 12, 1960

"Summer Place" Theme (Theme From A Summer Place)-Percy Faith #1

Highest debut Wild One-Bobby Rydell #28
Lot of songs with colors in the title Lonely Blue Boy, Pretty Blue Eyes, Run Red Run, Lonely and Blue, Black Orchid. Bobby Vinton had a couple more years before his songs could join this group. New
Lonely Girl's Prayer-Connie & The Cones (An relation to Connie Conehead on Saturday Night Live?)
Love You So-Ron Holden
Puppy Love-Paul Anka
Rawhide-Frankie Laine

When your phone rings, don't say "HELLO", say "It pays to listen to KFXM"
Did anyone ever win one of these contests?


Anonymous said...

The #2 song has early Motown
written all over it.
Berry Gordy cowrote it.
Writers are Gordy/Davis/Gordy.
Who is the 2nd Gordy.
His wife??

megablogger said...

Marv Johnson's earlier hit "Come To Me" was first on Gordy's Tamla label before Gordy leased it to U.A., which took over his career with Gordy still writing songs for him...killer songs too.

Speaking of colors...

How about songs about places:
Summer Place
St. Bernardette
El Paso
Juarez Town
New Orleans
Chattanooga - twice!

and water...
Beyond the Sea
On the Beach
Sleepy Lagoon

and animals...
Running Bear
Bull Dog
Beatnik Fly

other categories?

Anonymous said...

Purple (people eater)
Red (red wine)(roses) etc.
Blue (velvet)
Green (green)
Yellow (balloon) (mellow) etc
Black (is black)