Tuesday, February 10, 2009

K/mentertainer Febuary 8, 1969

Music News by Dave McCormick
Iron Butterfly

New guy Charles Martin
#1 Proud Mary-Creedence
Highest debut Crossroads-Cream #25

New Soul Experience-Iron Butterfly


Johnny Helm said...

Noticed "Soul Experience" was hitbound...it was HUGE in the I.E. Charles Martin was our newsman, temporarily plugged in by McCormick until he found a new full timer. We got new jingles that week and Dave had jock logos made. "Jay London" was made for whoever was going to be hired, no matter who was going to be the "new" guy.

Anonymous said...

So who turned out to be Jay Lonson??

Anonymous said...

Charles Martin ended his career as a weekend newsman on KFI and PD of KATY Idyllwild (Then located at studios in Valle Vista east of Hemet} He passed away a number of years ago. Jonny Bruce