Saturday, February 21, 2009

KFXM Tiger Mag February 21, 1969

Looks like I won something on the Big Buddy Bag Contest, at least my name was in the contest winner list, along with my brother Dennis Calgaro. I don't remember getting a customized KFXM pen. Maybe this is the first time I noticed this. Then again, maybe I didn't care about a pen in 1969.
But You Know I Love You-First Edition #1 Doing so much better than it did nationally on the KFXM chart.
Highes debut Long Line Rider-Bobby Darin #23
Jones Boys Picks
Maybe Tomorrow-Iveys soon to become Badfinger
Everybodys Got Something To Hide But Me and My Monkey-Fats Domino


Anonymous said...

"Maybe Tomorrow" by the Iveys is one of my favs. Jonny Bruce

Ed Simonson said...

Thanks for the great memories of my favorite radio station KFXM. I lived in Rubidoux 1959-1969 and KFXM was always the best.
I have lived in Palmdale of the Antelope Valley for the last 38 years and we have had a KFXM radio station here in Lancaster. The great thing is they play all the 50's and 60's music. When listening I feel like I've gone back to those days in Riverside. Thanks again. Ed Simonson.