Friday, July 03, 2009

KFXM and K/men July 3, 1964

Beatles #1, no list on the back, what is Beatle Jazz? A preview of next week, #1 will be off the chart.
Highest debut Dang Me-Roger Miller #20
Today's story: This is the first early KFXM survey that I owned in this small version, and I didn't get it until the early 80's.
Lyle of Lyles Record City was retiring, so he was selling his store, and cleaning things out. On the counter one day was this stack of KFXM surveys from 1964 next to the current surveys. He would only let me take two. I almost didn't think they were real because I have never seen the survey in this form before, and the #1 song was so odd. But since then I have aquired many as you well know...I don't ever remember hearing anything about the KFXM Wake-A Thon in 1964. Wasn't this before the K/men similar event or not?
Humpty Dumpty-Jimmy Nicol
How Glad I Am-Nancy Wilson
C'mon Everybody/Today-Elvis Presley
Tell Me-Rolling Stones
(K/men has been playing this since 5/15 according to Honorable K/mention)

Rag Doll-Four Seasons #1
Highest debut Little Old Lady From Pasadea-Jan & Dean #5
Announcing the Third Annual K/men Treasure Hunt
I'm Into Something Good-Earl-Jean
Keep On Pushin'-Impressions

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Anonymous said...

is here by the original artists.
Don't think it made much of a hit.
But it was a big hit, and their
first US hit, for HERMAN'S HERMITs,
4 months later.