Saturday, July 25, 2009

KFXM July 25, 1969

Honky Tonk Woman-Rolling Stones #1 jumping up from #10
Highest debut Goo Goo Barabajagal-Donovan #24 New
Anyway That You Want Me-Evie Sands
Oklahoma City Times-Hamilton Camp

Mention of Dirty Don McCoy' Women Haters Club membership. Any members out there?

More winners...Did you claim your prize?

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Lord Darth Sidious said...

dare i say it? yes, at that time, i was also placed in charge of Donald George McCoy's Woman Haters Club. it was quite an experience handling the huge influx of letters requesting membership from men explaining just "WHY" they "hated womankind" during those early corybantic times of the Women's Liberation Movement, but it was all fun-in-gest.
Don and i later had a falling out over my friendship with Bob b. Blue. This was an 'in-house problem' because of brother Blue being a "scab" (as Don called him) for crossing the AFTRA picket lines during the infamous KFXM DJ/Newsmen strike from fall 1968 thru spring 1969. as you may surmise, there was apparently a lot of left-over 'bad blood' once some of the striking air staff returned to Tiger Radio and, of course, yours truly got unexpectedly caught up right in the middle of things -- a hard lesson i was never to forget in the broadcasting business!

{strange though: i was also befriended by Sherman Mason (a great newscaster), whom i deeply admired and respected as a journalist; and the strike was never an issue between us... oh vell, c'est la vie.}