Friday, July 31, 2009

KFXM and K/men July 31-August 1, 1964

First original (in a beautiful shade of green)of this KFXM format.
A Hard Day's Night/I Should Have Known Better-Beatles #1
Highest debut Under The Boardwalk-Drifters #29 New
  • Walk Don't Run '64-Ventures
  • You Don't Love Me-Tommy Raye
  • Because-Dave Clark Five
House Of The Rising Sun-Animals #1 (it'll debut next week on KFXM)
Highest debut Where Did Our Love Go-Supremes #5 also debut #7 It's All Over Now-Rolling Stones

The Top Ten Beatle Songs of All Time as voted on. Love Me Do #1


  • Robot Walk-Pat & Lolly Vegas
  • Bread & Butter-Newbeats
  • We'll Sing In The Sunshine-Gale Garnett


Lord Darth Sidious said...

so the Tiger Tune Sheets started out as overall GREEN, indeed!
just WHEN did the famed coloration of orange & black detail against a white background start being published??? the evolutionary history of KFXM's publications has always fascinated me from my days of experience in the offset printing business.

Anonymous said...

How odd that KFXM and KMEN
came up with the same
color tunesheet.
Not earth shattering news but
a point of interest for the
rest of us.

And next week HOUSE OF THE
RISING SUN would debut on
KFXM. Strange music director.
Or was Al Anthony already in
charge of the station.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

1. that the very first coloured Tiger Tune Sheet was green, being published simultaneously when KMEN printed their survey in a similar flavour is, yes, quite an amazing coincidence i'd say -- more so when one considers that 129 Radio's publication was usually printed out in a rotating colour scheme from week-to-week.

2. more than likely (as will later be seen on this blog), such blatant music directing errors were only part of the overall under-current of dissatisfaction that had been building up at KFXM for some time... another ratings period or two would finally convince broadcast owners Howard Tullis and John P. Hearne (we're actually talking about 'Howard' here!) would give up-and-coming, young executive-like Al Anthony the go-ahead for major staffing and programming changes to be eventually implemented in order to return KFXM's stature to it's former market prominence -- before the advent of K/MEN hitting the airwaves in a new attention-getting, modern 1960's {K/men-dous} station image under the PRE-KHJ direction of Ron Jacobs and Bill Watston.

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

The first three Tiger Tune Sheets put up were black and white photocopies, so it's unknown to me what color they are (red, orange, bwon or blue). The next four weeks will be originals and a variety of colors.
The orange, black and white issues started with the third issue of the full size Tiger Mag July 2, 1965. It wasn't until 1969 when the tune sheets were reinstated that they were black and orange.
Al Anthony's picture will first appear on a tune sheet May 1965.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

May 1965: Al Anthony's decision to take an airshift (since transferring over from KAFY radio in Bakersfield) while having been accorded full charge of the new local 'Tiger Radio' image gave impetus for rebuilding their audience share. major changes in the disk jockey line-up, shift hour adjustments and day-parting program changes -- in addition to Al's tireless work -- began paying off when the station's rate cards changed to reflect KFXM's winning formula as the overall cume results from subsequent Pulse and C.E. Hooper listener surveys allowed the station to finally begin making substantial profits... not to mention KFXM's returning stature as a trusted news and public service broadcasting outlet.