Friday, July 10, 2009

KFXM (New Tune Sheet) and K/men July 10, 1964

#1 and highest debut A Hard Day's Night-Beatles
also debuting You're My World-Cilla Black #7 New
Like Dreamers Do-Applejacks
Come On-Rolling Stones (as an import)

The first KFXM Tune Sheet in this style.
The original is in color (red, blue, green, orange, of those colors) Finally competing with the K/mentertainer.
When you see some originals later, they will be different colors every week. You'll see them soon.
You can finally see pictures of Dave Fransen, Jim Huntley, Rhett Walker, Barry Boyd, Jim Conniff and Ric Anderson
Taco Tia time. I believe there are only two left open. One in San Bernardino and one in Redlands. Any other ones open?

Now RADIO 59 fabulous forty
I Get Around/Don't Worry Baby-Beach Boys #1
Higest debut Wishin' and Hopin'-Dusty Springfield #20
The Beatle Bunch at #1 are gone, but Love Me Do hung on at #40
A Hard Day's Night-Beatles
She's The One-Chart Busters (Wanna be Beatles)


Lord Darth Sidious said...

1. TACO TIA does bring back some warm and delicous memories! ever since leaving hometown San Berdoo, i have missed this classic Mexican food venue. to date, i never have encountered another beanery that is in any way comparable to Taco Tia's one-of-a-kind menu.

2. 1st Tiger Tune Sheet: i would surmise that the issuance of KFXM's new publication signaled the station's programming make-over to "Tiger Radio 59", ostensibly changed (for the better) under the new leadership of "El Bosso", the one and only Almondo Fiori (Al Anthony).

Anonymous said...

Anybody out there know what happened to Jim Huntley ? I had completely forgotten about him until I saw this. Also, is TACO TIA still in business ? Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

I found a short one break air check of Jumpin' Jim Huntley on the internet on AFVN, armed forces radio from Nov. 1970. He sounded just as I remembered him. Still nothing on where he is today. Jonny Bruce

JOHN said...

almondo fiori is alive and well and living in knoxville tennessee. i met him at walmart, he's a fascinating guy