Monday, August 16, 2010

KFXM August 14, 1959

Dedicated to The One I Love-Shirelles #1
New on the Top Ten
Lavendar Blue-Sammy Turner #5
Poco Loco-Gene & Eunice #6
What'd I Say (Parts 1 & 2)-Ray Charles #10
Poison Ivy/I'm A Hog For You-Coasters
The Way I Walk-Jack Scott
Somethin' Else-Eddie Cochran
The Mummy-Bob McFadeen & Dor
Mary Lou-Ronnie Hawkins
Someone said 1959 was dull and boring for music?!?! I don't think so.


Randy The Earl said...

Sorry, 1959 WAS boring for music.

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree with the Earlman and
agree with webmaster.

Look at the songs on the charts
here. So many of these are played
on oldies stations.
There's not a song on this chart
I don't like. Except for
LITTLE BILL, whoever he was, because I never ever heard that song.

The Coasters Pick Hit was an
amazing double-sided winner.
Not often that both sides of
the record appear on debut.
Yea, later on some songs are
flipped and becomes a double-hit.
Only because someone found it
by accident. But as a debut?

Anonymous said...

Ok, finally heard the LITTLE BILL song. It's on YOUTUBE.
It sucks, really sucks.
KFXM had to be getting payola,
or free tickets to Dodgers games.

Listen to it and give me something
redeeming about this song.

Another bad thing is that it's
2:50. That alone is too long for
1959. Song just drags on and on.

Just saying.....

Anonymous said...

Obviously, 1959 WAS your peak year.
now tell us, you ridiculous Anonymous dude, all about 1979's music scene! btw, smarty pants did you ever get a life AFTER 1959????????

Anonymous said...

Many many lives after 59.