Wednesday, August 11, 2010

KFXM August 6, 1965

Like A Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan #1
Highest debut Laugh At Me-Sonny #10 The Bachelors
Don Ellliot and Ed GRrr above and below Ron Budnik in the studio
Gene Gleeson taking a dive
This week also have an original survey sheet. Notice same survey, different date. But you do get Personal Picks on this one including:
Hung On You-McCoys (meaning Hang On Sloopy?)
I Will Always Love You-Spinners
Roses and Rainbows-Danny Hutton


Anonymous said...

HUNG ON YOU by the McCoys?
They were sidetracked and
were thinking of the flip
side of UNCHAINED MELODY, which
is listed on the top 30.

So the Spinners show up with
liked this song on the radio.
A Motown semi-hit for the time.

Anonymous said...

I had not heard I'LL ALWAYS LOVE
YOU since 1965.
I was at a pool party a few weeks ago
and they had some oldies channel on
the speakers. I couldn't believe it
when that song came on. None of
the other songs being played were
obscure. It still sounded great on
the radio. It was never heard from
after it's run 45 years ago.

Just sayin........

Anonymous said...

I never understood why "I'll Aways Love You" was a big hit. It might have been hurt by all the other
Motown hits that were out at the same time by the major Motown acts.

Anonymous said...

I meant NOT a big hit.

Anonymous said...

If you ain't got the tune, go to
youtube.come and you can download it.
Strip it as an MP3 and it's yours

Fortunately I have the 45.
It's nice to be able to hold the original.

Just sayin.........

Megablogger said...

As good, if not better were two by the Spinners: "Truly Yours" in '66 and the big hit, "It's A Shame" in 1970. Anyone remember those titles?

Trivia question: who brought the Spinners to Motown? Answer: the recently departed Harvey Fuqua of the Moonglows who released the Spinners "That's What Girls Are Made For" on his Tri Phi label.

Fuqua also discovered Marvin Gaye when he hired him and members of a D.C. group called the Rainbows to replace the original Moonglows.

Pretty good track record I'd say.

Tom Steele said...

Were those really supposed to be good looking Inland Empire women on the KFXM pool shot?

Looks like there are bulges where there shouldn't be, beginning rolls of fat...And the AA bra cup was the norm then?