Friday, August 27, 2010

KFXM August 25, 1961

The Mountains High-Dick & Dee Dee #1
Water Boy-Don Shirley Trio holding on to #2
Highest debut Little Sister-Elvis Presley #30
Debuting at #40 Sad Movies Make Me Cry-Sue Thompson
I Wanna Know-Emmy Lou
Foot Stompin'-Flares
The Song Of The Nairobi Trio-Fortune Tellers


Anonymous said...

PLAY IT AGAIN was a favorite.
I like how they interleaved
oldies with a plea to the DJ to.. it again.

Don't recall this lasting too
long. But I do enjoy having
the original 45. Yard sales
were the best. Not many 45s out
there now.

Another in this vein was MR DJby Van McCoy
It's kinda of Art Laboeish requesting
songs for his sweetie.

KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

I really miss looking through 45s at garage sales, thrift stores and swap meets. It's rare to find any lately, and then they turn out to be 1980s records!

Anonymous said...

There was a news story last week
about a man in socal that owns an extremely
large collection of 45s and wants
to part with them for a good price.
He's in his 80s. Time to let go.
Don't think he wants to sell it
piecemeal. Look it up.

Megablogger said...

where did that article appear so I can look it up? Can you give a URL?

Was that the story about Music Man Murray in the L.A. Times? If so, it's a record shop he's selling, not a "collection" per se. There is a difference.