Sunday, August 08, 2010

KFXM August 7, 1959

Dedicated To The One I Love-Shirelles #1 New
'Til I Kissed You-Everly Brothers
The Angels Listened In-Crests
Sea Of Love-Phil Phillips
Sleep Walk-Santo & Johnny
In The Mood-Ernie Fields Orchestra


Megablogger said...

Great records on the chart this week: Sea Of Love and Midnight Flyer and instros like Caterpillar Crawl and Sleep Walk (which was featured in opening scene with Ritchie Valens in the movie La Bamba 6 months after Ritchie died!)

Then there's a wax to watch: Like I Love You by Edd Kookie Byrnes, which was satirized by the flipside of Giggles by Geo Garabedain - which means the release and the very record that lampoons it were first seen on the same chart on the same date.

Anonymous said...

Great great hits this Summertime
in 1959.
Always liked ANGEL FACE.
It was great to see them dancing to
this on Bandstand.
This one rocks start to finish.
BUT, it never lasted as an oldie.

Anonymous said...

Ernie Field's "In The Mood" still rocks! great dance record at the old school sock-hops as i recall.

Anonymous said...

I give IN THE MOOD a 90
cause it's easy to dance to.

So what else was Rendezvous records
famous for besides this one.

Bob Harlow said...

Rendezvous Records had "Bumble Boogie" in 1961 and "Nut Rocker" in 1962, both instrumentals by B. Bumble & The Stingers Both made the top 20 on Billboards Hot 100.

Bob Harlow said...

Oops! Make that the top 25

Anonymous said...

Hey, that Bumbles R-O-C-K-E-D!!

megablogger said...

Both Bumble and Fields used the same guys on their records - the Ernie Freeman Combo, with Freeman giving label credit to Fields as he was an old big band drummer - unfortunately, there was no real-life B. sorry.

Anonymous said...