Tuesday, August 10, 2010

K/MEN August 6, 1965

Like A Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan #1
Highest debut Baby, I'm Yours-Barbara Lewis #8 New
Do You Believe In Magic?-Lovin' Spoonful
Eve Of Destruction-Barry McGuire
Houston-Dean Martin
I'll Take You Where The Music's Playing-Drifters
I Live In The Sun-Sunrays (sub for in place of in)

Sonny & Cher make the front page


Anonymous said...

For Johnny (Toot-Toot) The Helmsman:
caught a clip of your show from the Lancaster KFXM-FM outlet, and it was great! unique idea playing all versions of a proven song standard from the pop era.
say, if you're still doing this gig, would be pleased to know your air-shift schedule when you're on.
long-time best regards from a fan to you, John.

Anonymous said...

LAUGH AT ME became a hit after
S&C were told not to come back
to Martoni's restaurant in Hollywood.
Read the whole story on the
KMENterainer posted here.

1538 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90068

Anonymous said...

That incident is 45 years old and
makes for Hollywood pop music
fodder very well.

There are tons of stories in
Hollywood about pop music icons
that were shunned only to become
huge. Whoda known.
Makes for great reading.