Thursday, January 27, 2011

KFXM January 26, 1962

Duke Of Earl-Gene Chandler #1
New in the top ten
The Wanderer-Dion #8
Happy Jose-Jack Ross #10
Highest debut
Hey! Baby-Bruce Channel #33
also new in the Top 40
Chip Chip-Gene McDaniels #35
Mr Moto-Belairs #40
My Melancholy Baby-Marcels
What's Your Name-Don & Juan
Her Royal Majesty-James Darren
She's Got You-Patsy Cline
Let Me In-Sensations
Open-Buddy Knox


Anonymous said...

I can feel it in the air....
I can hear it.

KMEN just around the corner and
the tunes that will make em
come alive are on this chart.

49 years ago? Doesn't seem like it.
Now it's just 3 towers on fields
surrounded by apartments.

Anonymous said...

Make it 50!!

Anonymous said...

Right the first time. 49

Anonymous said...

This week's KFXM survey is notable for the numerous records titled with personal names:

"Joey Baby"
"Mr. Moto"
"Mamie In The Afternoon"
"Dear Ivan"
"Small Sad Sam"
"Happy Jose"
"Duke Of Earl".....

and then, interestingly, there's the Don & Juan song titled,
"What's Your Name", hmmmmmmmmmmn!

also, many recordings used personal pronouns in their titles:

"Let Me Call You Sweetheart"
"Who Told The Sandman"
"The Bride"
"Her Royal Majesty"
"My Melancholy Baby"
"Hey Baby"
"Tears From An Angel"
"Baby, It's You"
"Please, Mr. Postman"
"Walkin' With My Baby"
"Dear Lady Twist"
"The Wanderer"
"Surfer's Stomp".....

Some of the Songs on this survey date back to the turn of the 20th Century! (hint: think Laurel & Hardy)

Finally, years BEFORE the civil rights/social self-identification movements, this amazing femme vocal artist proudly proclaimed her recordings had "SOUL!!!!", from the "Spotlight Albums" listing
for an L.P. record by Timi Yuro!

It was truly a fabulous year for Top40 radio's popular music scene.

Anonymous said...

"Now it's just 3 towers on fields
surrounded by apartments."

Yes, the demise and near-total destruction of the famed K/MEN 129 Radio's "Cowpasture Communications Complex" is a sad mark for Inland Empire broadcasting history...

Just like the other depressing scene at the former KFXM Tiger Radio 59's "Broadcast City" at the now defunct-motel/inn which once housed it's once-modern studios and offices.

Whoa, but Those Were The Days!

Anonymous said...

The 2 places were iconic in
what they did to radio in
the IE.

Kmen studios were not a sight
to behold. Looked more like
a storage shed in the middle of
a cowpasture. What happened
inside is invaluable.

KFXM had great studios at the
Holiday Inn and finally lived
up to that when Al Anthony took
over in 64.

Now the 2 live in the windmills
of your mind. Memories of
the way we were.....on and on.

Anonymous said...

The SENSATIONS Let Me In was
such a foot stomper.
Rocks and to end, start to
finish. Too bad they were
a 1-hit wonder. What was
going on at Chess (Argo) to
not come up with another
hit for them??

Was this a studio group or what???

Anonymous said...

I agree that "LET ME IN" was a great hit in early 1962. From an old, worn out paperback I bought in 1974 called ROCK ON, writen by legendary DJ, Norm N Nite, I found this information about the Sensations: They were from Philadelphia and formed in 1954 with Yvonne Bakers as lead; Alphonso Howell as bass with "several other members". They recorded one minor hit in early 1956 on ATCO called "Yes, Sir, That's My Baby". Yvonne left shortly thereafter to raise a family. In early 1961, Alphonso urged Yvonne to come "out of retirement" and with Richard Curtain (tenor), Sam Armstrong (baritone) and Alphonso, they recorded a minor hit with "Music Music Music" on Argo. Six months later, they scored "BIG TIME" with LET ME IN. A few months later, they had another minor hit (on Argo) named THAT'S MY DESIRE. Then it appears they dropped off the face of the earth.

Lot's of good memories on this website. I lived in Riverside from 1959-65 and clearly remember the birth of K/MEN. I went to their studios in the "cow pasture" many times to pick up records or other prizes I won. What GREAT TIMES they were!

Tom, Lexington, KY

Anonymous said...

Anybody ever go to this
address in Chicago:

It's the home of Chess records.

Of course it's a Rolling
Stones tune on their 12x5 album,
recorded at that legendary
address. Interesting tour to
take and absorb what happened
there musically. You stand in
the studio where the greats
once cut their tracks and the
upteenth take on MAYBELLINE.

The spirit of Chuck Berry and
all the greats lives there.
Just let your imagination
take you on a mind excursion.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yea, just 5 blocks north of
that is the home of VEE-JAY records.
Another iconic lbabel in the pop music
world. No tours there :(

Also, just a few blocks East from
Chess records is the Chess Record
Plant where those 78s and 45 were
once pressed for distribution.

Take the tour and find out more.
Oh by the way, they don't know
everything and if you ask something
they don't know, an answer from
the tour guide is this:
"...that's a great question.
You might want to fax that in
to us."
Became a quiet joke between us taking the tour. We made sure
we asked some tough questions.

Megablogger said...

If you're truly interested in the Sensations, go here...

That's where you'll get the story from the world class expert.