Monday, January 03, 2011

KFXM Top Hits of 1961

In 1961 KFXM did not publish a year end survey for the top hits of the year.  I did some calculations a few years back based on the number of weeks on the KFXM charts and the position on the charts to come up with the top 113 of the year.  Right now I don't remember the details on  the formula I used, so please don't ask.  Songs that hit #1 down to #11.
#1 for 1961 on KFXM Hello Mary Lou/Traveling Man Rick Nelson
Some songs that charted on KFXM that didn't make the top hits Heart & Soul-Jan & Dean, Baby Blue-Echoes, Barbara Ann-Regents, Spanish Harlem-Ben E. King, Unchain My Heart-Ray Charles.
A couple of national hits of 1961 that did not chart on KFXM A Little Bit Of Soap-Jarmels, Dedicated To The One I Love-Shirelles


Anonymous said...

Great work.
You are so dedicated to this
stuff and we're the recipients
of your good work.

Good to see 1961 in one place.

Keep up the good work.

megablogger said...

To my knowledge, some of these "hits," i.e. Walter Vaughn and Lanny Duncan never appeared on any other chart (except for co-programmed KAFY in Bakersfield). Hellava trivia question for IE radio buffs.

I agree about the dedication part, I really think Doug does great work and thank him, wish him a Happy New Years and hope for a good '62.

Anonymous said...

Wait wait.
I remember hearing A LITTLE BIT
OF SOAP on KFXM in 61. They played it but not chart it? Peculiar.
KFXM was the only station I listened to then.

I can see why they didn't play DEDICATED TTOIL in 61. They had already run it in 59. This wasn't an era of tunes recharting. Chubby
Checker will soon break that and
make the TWIST #1 twice in separate

Anonymous said...

Mega-Dittos to Doug, good work
on providing KFXM radio's missing Top Hits of '61!

Anonymous said...

"Down On My Knees" by Walter Vaughn
Chart at KLIF Dallas @ "1

Also a wax to watch on KRLA

megablogger said...

...which is why I said, "to my knowledge."

I don't claim to know about every radio chart in the U.S. or the rest of the world, but the record never made it on any other So. Cal or national chart.

Anonymous said...

Lanny Duncan Charted on KYA San Francisco

Walter Vaughn charted in Dallas, Boston, Memphis and is on The KRLA Tunedex Survey the Week of July 28'61