Monday, January 31, 2011

KFXM January 28, 1980

Well, I don't have a copy of this week's 1980 KFXM survey, but based on next week's survey, this what I've come up with. At least until I find one that will show me what #11, 16 and 19 were.
Coward Of The County-Kenny Rogers #1
Last Train To London-ELO # 9
Why Me-Kool & The Gang #10
New entries this week
Desire-Andy Gibb #28
Heartbreaker-Pat Benetar #29
Him-Rupert Holmes #30
Besides these titles, there are a few other one word titles on the survey.
And for your information the five songs that two fell off the chart are listed. Three this week, and two that fell off the next week.  The numbers next to dropouts are guesses. 

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