Friday, October 14, 2011

KFXM October 12, 1962

Patches-Dickie Lee #1
New in the top ten
All Alone Am I-Brenda Lee #5
Close To Cathy-Mike Clifford #9
Leah-Roy Orbison #10
Highest debut
He Thinks I Still Care-Connie Francis #32
Return To Sender-Elvis Presley
Ride!-Dee Dee Sharp
Nothing Can Make My Sunshine Smile-Everly Brothers
Chains-The Cookies


Anonymous said...

Didn't know Martha & Vs had
a record before their big breakout in 1963. Motown sound was still
taking shape for an explosion in mid

Anonymous said...

A year to go before KFXM has a new
home at the Holiday Inn. They had
a promotion about this. Nice place.
Golf course, poolside, big window for
jocks to see outside. BIG window.

KMEN at the cow pasture.
Nonetheless, they gave great

Anonymous said...

JUST GROOVED watching all them smelly bossies grazing nearby the studio when I worked there!

Megablogger said...

Speaking of Motown: the Pirates Mind Over Matter on picks was an early name for the Temptations. Fact.