Friday, October 28, 2011

K/MEN October 28, 1966

I'm Your Puppet-James & Bobby Purify #1
New in the top ten
Good Vibrations-Beach Boys #2
Winchester Cathedral-New Vaudeville Band #3
Talk Talk-Music Machine #8
You Keep Me Hanging On-Supremes
I'm Ready For Love-Martha & The Vandellas
I Can't Control Myself-Troggs
I Got The Feelin'-Neil Diamond
A Hazy Shade Of Winter-Simon & Garfunkel


Anonymous said...

Great tune that didn't make it
as a big hit but lyrics and
song are great.
It's been 45 years since I heard
and loved this tune.

Found it on Youtube. Mine to keep
forever now.

Anonymous said...

Skip the tune, how about bringing back those great petrol prices, huh??? Sure recall how it only took two freaking bucks to fill up your gas tank, whoa!

Also, those were the glory days when you could find so many independent oil companies/gas stations in existence -- which meant we had REAL competitive consumer pricing back then. Remember the free maps, the outstanding at-the-pump service you received (check under the hood, pump up your tires, water for the radiator, oil check, and wiping your windows)? And they even had CLEAN restrooms for the weary traveler, yes!

Anonymous said...

What, no coins needed for bathrooms??
We've progressed with millions
of restrictions.

Anyway, looking back at
all this nostalgia will give
you A SATISFIED MIND when all
said and done. Listen up!!

Anonymous said...

In those days you could even get FREE air for your tires.