Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KFXM October 5, 1973

New format this week.  Size of survey cut in half.  Last week was the last week for a KFXM survey to have weekly pictures of the DJs on them.  There will be some individual pictures in the future, but you won't see the lineup again.  At least I haven't seen one, after last week's issue.   Anyone know why this changed?
Also it appears to be a new Edggggrrrr Tiger on the survey.
Half Breed-Cher #1
new in the top ten
Midnight Train To Georgia-Gladys Knight & The Pips #8
Yes We Can Can-Pointer Sisters #9
Angie-Rolling Stones #10
Highest debut
Photograph-Ringo Starr #23
I like Woman From Tokyo-Deep Purple #29
Top Of The World-Carpenters
I Got A Name-Jim Croce
Raised On Rock-Elvis Presley
George Carlin and Kenny Rankin appearing at UCR.  I really wouldn't think they would have had the same type of audience.


Anonymous said...

I remember going to that CARLIN
show at UCR. Don't recall Rankin
at all. Didn't pay attention.
But GC was funny, nothing new there.

Went because we got free tickets,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there was lots of Purple Haze going on in the UCR auditoium that evening. Carlin was truly a maniacal trip, laughed us all silly till our guts ached, man!

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

well, THIS WEEK'S Tiger Tune Sheet finally answered a big question i had about it: the major change in the publication format coincided with the previous week's date (September 28, 1973) when i stopped receiving my weekly copy by mail. (apparently, the existing mailing list was nixed, yes!)
it would appear that, like KMEN had previously done with regards to bottom-lining their published music survey out of existence, KFXM's management also decided to reduce time, effort and expenses by downsizing this laborious project of continuing to put out their Tune Sheet on a sustained weekly basis. those WERE the beginnings of very difficult economic times for many American businesses, especially AM Radio broadcasters.
as to the 'new look' version of Ed Grrrr which now suddenly appears without comment, it is reasonable to speculate that the powers-that-be decided that the grand Tiger mascot iconic drawing from 1964 apparently was now thought of as blase', that is, too retro an image which did not fit in with the then-changing scene of 1973. it's too bad, however, that the 'old' Ed Grrrr got retired because he epitomized the identity of what used to be known as "Tiger Radio".
the Final Word on this major change in "The Big 59" music survey popsheet can only be unequivocably answered by Al Anthony and/or Doug Collins.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see KFXM dropped its Tiger Radio format, look and style which
gave the station its unique identity and appeal to so many countless listeners and fanfare.

- R.I.P. Edgrrrr -
July 1964 to September 1973.