Thursday, October 20, 2011

KFXM October 19, 1962

Not sure if this there was ever a debut this high on KFXM before, but debuting at #1
Big Girls Don't Cry-Four Seasons
New in the top ten
Next Door To An Angel-Neil Sedaka #8
You Won't Forget Me-Jackie Deshannon #10
Other debut
Return To Sender-Elvis Presley #25
Bobby's Girl-Marcie Blaine #30
Boss-The Rumblers
Monster Motion-Bobby Pickett
Release Me-Esther Phillips
I Smiled Yesterday-Dionne Warwick (Flip of Don't Make Me Over)
Let Me Go The Right Way-Supremes (about a year before their first big hit)
Cinnamon Cinder-Pastel Six
What else is new?
One of the "Swingin' Seven" DJs has left the building.  Jack Fleming is gone and KFXM welcomes Mark Denis


Anonymous said...

Great stuff in the WAX TO WATCH.
I noticed a Dionne Warwick tune.
This is her first appearance on
the charts.

Does KFXM have the B side listed
instead of DON"T MAKE ME OVER, which was her first hit at about
this time in late 62.

A booboo????

Anonymous said...

As the years go by, some of
the KFXM jocks migrate to KMEN.
Never was there a defection
from KMEN to KFXM until
November 1971: Bruce Chandler.
The only one.

Anonymous said...

Didn't notice webmaster had
made a note about the Dionne
Warwick flip. Missed on the
first read.
All clear.