Sunday, December 30, 2007

KFXM Greg Mitchell Clarification

Received a message fom Greg Mitchell/George Junak clarifying his time at KFXM. He wasn't just a weekend guy....
For those who did not see it...
Greg Mitchell has left a new comment:
I was actually fulltime 5-midnight twice and weekends twice at KFXM in 1975-76. In 1975 I first did weekends at KFXM doing two shifts on Sunday while still working at KDES/Palm Springs. After a few months of that I quit KDES & got more weekend hours at KFXM.
The last half of 1975 or so I did the 6-midnight shift at KFXM until I got canned in late December 1975 and returned to doing weekends. I left KFXM in early February 1976 to work fulltime at KDES.
Then KFXM called in April and asked me to return for the fulltime 6-midnight shift. I was back from April-August 1976 doing 6-midnight.
Then Jeff Salgo was hired as their consultant and after a month or two he brought in "Captain Billy" Martin as PD, replacing Ted Brown. Ted had been doing middays on the air and they were going to bump him to 6-midnight so Captain Billy could do the midday shift. Captain Billy's first act was to can me and I immediately went to KSOM/Ontario to do 6-10PM for Bob West there..Greg Mitchell

Greg, just want to say thank you for the comments. Doug

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