Tuesday, December 04, 2007

K/mentertainer December 2, 1967

1968 Pontiac Firebird-400 giveaway conteston K/men in 1967 KMEN contests and some winners.
Byrds concert coming to the Swing Auditorium

Rascals -It's Wonderful and other concert news. I don'y see the song listed yet on K/men Heavy Hits

#1 Daydrem Believer-Monkees On KFXM it is always listed as a double sided hit. Was Goin' Down played on K/men?

Bend Me Shape Me-American Breed Hit Bound I liked this and a bunch of their other non-hits. Anyone remember Step Out Of Your Mind by them?


Michael R. said...

i notice that this is the first time we see PHIL OTIS. He looked like he may have "batted for the other team." BRAD EDWARDS moved to 9-Midnight, too, I see. There is a cool CD out there compiling the work of the American breed..one of the few interracial groups at that time with about half white and half black in the band.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Phil (Bobby) Otis passed away a few years ago. After KMEN he was on a number of other Inland Empire stations. "Step out of your mind" got a lot of air play around L.A. I have even played it as oldie from time to time. Jonny Bruce