Saturday, December 08, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag Dec 8, 1967

These are the facts about THE KFXM TIGER MAG Last week a Beatles picture, this week the lyrics to I Am The Walrus. Cuckoo-katoo cuckoo-cu-katoo

interesting in Bits & Pieces that Monterey-Eric Burdon & Animals may not be released as a single in England, because it mentions groups that are unknown outside the States. Was it ever a single in England?
Pictures of the Seeds with DJ Craig Denny.
Glen Campbell picture and article.

EdGRrrrr Sez... mentions the second annual Highland Avenue Chistmas Parade. I remember parades on E Street, but not on Highland Avenus.

Wow! #1 Beautiful People-Kenny O'Dell.
Highest debut #16 Monterey-Eric & Animals
#20 Little Becky's Christmas Wish-Becky Lamb. I remember this. I believe it was a little girl talking about wanting her brother to come home from Viet Nam for Christmas.
I still like to hear #29 Nobody But Me-Human Beinz
Double sided hit coming up for the Beach Boys (at least for awhile) as a Personal Pick Here Today/Darlin'. This shows the A side as Here Today, but that changed. It should have been a big hit.

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