Wednesday, December 26, 2007

K/mentertainer December 23, 1967

Russ O'Hara with the Firebird 400

Notice the prices of the Doors tickets $5 $4 $3 How about Santa and his elves. Find out what the KMEN want for Christmas. The elves look strangely familiar.
What Christmas songs are bing played in 1967, maybe some of the same ones in 2007

The Rolling Stones and The Beatles in The British Scene. So what else is new?

#1 Hello Goodbye/I Am The Walrus-Beatles knocking down Itcycoo Park down a notch.

Hey, Snoopy's Christmas-Royal Guardsmen made it to the top 10, just in time.

Hit Bounds

Piece of Mind-Paul Revere & The Raiders, should have been a bigger hit.

The 2nd Everybody knows-Dave Clark 5, just starting up the charts.

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Anonymous said...

If Jim Morrison was alive....I wonder what a ticket would cost you see the Doors in concert?? Any ideas?? I'd guess $75. for the "cheap" seats!