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KFXM Tiger Mag Dec 29, 1967 Year End Countdown

Happy NewYear end issue telling about the biggest and best of 1967 on KFXM
Ed GRrrrrr SEZ telling about KFXM events from January through December of 1967
Sounds like a good New Year's Eve show at The Municipal Auditorium The Boxtops, The Leaves, The Outsiders, Soul Survivors and Them.
Who were the Top Groups on KFXM in 1967. The Monkeees #1 beating The Beatles, with The Rolling Stones barely making the top 10.
Top Male Fankie Valli Top Female Nancy Sinatra and Top Instrumental Group Booker T & The MGs

The top 100 of 1967 The Letter-Boxtops
Notice #74 I made a correction 40 years ago) Spencer Davis Group version of I'm A Man charted in 1967. The Yardbirds hit in 1966.
Some big local hits in the top 100
#4 for the year Blue's Theme-Arrows
#21 I'm Captured-Good Feelins
#24 Music Box-Light
#37 Flower Children-Marcia Strassman
Live/Harmonica Man/Try It/Purple Haze/Mr Soul/Amy/She's Looking Good/Show Me/Rock & Roll Woman and so on. This has to be so different than the national /Billboard end of year chart.#1 Hello Goodbye-Beatles
OK, I remembered at the end of 1966, instead of publishing the weekly chart, KFXM published the Top 100 of the year, so in case the same thing happened this year, I listened and kept track when they played the top 40 of the week.
I was right, so below you have an exclusive of the complete top 40, that was not publioshed
Some Highlights
Highest Debut #17 Spooky-Classics IV
Walk In The Queen's Garden-Them #39

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