Sunday, December 02, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag Dec 1, 1967

The Beatles...Psychadelic picture that goes good with the B side of their newest single...I Am The Walrus Anyone ever see Sherman Mason from KFXM on KVCR 24. Back in 1967 I wasn't watching the San Bernardino Valley College station.

Daydream Believer/Goin' Down-Monkees #1 again, and Kenny O'Dell-Beautiful People moving up to #2
Someone out there should be happy Ten Little Indians dropping from #8 to #18.
Going Out Of My Head/Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-Lettermen #22 highest debut on top 40 this week
Personal Picks this week Everybody Knows-Dave Clark 5 will soon be a hit on the KFXM survey. This song has the same title as a hit they had in 1964, but is a completely different song.
How about Kites Are Fun-Free Design? I don't think I've ever heard it.
Monterey-Eric Burdon & The Animals. A different song for them, but their future singles will have a similar style.


Anonymous said...

all time favorite. The words
are just right. Always loved it
but never heard it again after
this brief touting.

Miracles do happen and am glad
to see Indians by YBirds dropping
out. Still don't understand how
this tune got so high on both stations. It was
a fluke. You never heard it again.
Good riddance and forever goodbye.

Bill Earl said...

"Kites Are Fun" is on one of the "Sunshine Pop" 5-CD series that Varese-Saraband put out a few years ago. All 5 are worth buying in my book. KRLA played that track back in the day.

Bill Earl said...

The Varese-Saraband CD series is called "Sunshine Days."
Great stocking volume, or all five.

Bill Earl
Antelope Valley

casey said...

Hey, awesome memories here! Thanks so much! I grew up in San Fernando but we moved to Crestline when I was 10. That was spring of 69. I remember KFXM as the pop/rock station for a while...I remember becoming a little tired of the format by 76 as FM had taken over. I remember KCAL from u of redlands being the big thing. I even remember those obnoxious Cal Stereo commercials every five minutes. Maybe that's why I switched. Whatever...those were some special times. Don't think we'll see anything like that again, will we? Thanks again for the great memories!